Stacey’s Portraits

I had the pleasure of photographing our friend, Stacey. She is such a rock-star…the photos speak for themselves!

To see more of her photos, click the Portfolio button above and check out the “Portraits” section where you’ll find a slideshow.


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Shout-out to Reformation Designs!

This is a shout-out to my husband and his business, Reformation Designs!!

Ryan started his own business a little over a year ago doing graphic design, web design, video production/editing, as well as business consulting.

We have had some AMAZing opportunities to travel and be among other business people who are creating content and products that are changing the world. It’s so cool to be a part of all of this and be around so many awesome people.

And I am really proud of my husband–he’s so incredibly talented–and the following images are just a little taste of some of the work he’s done.

If you need any graphic/web/video work done, Ryan does awesome work! He creates logos, book covers, websites, and he does film production. He also consults with businesses to help them improve their marketing, solve problems, and help them figure out what they are passionate about and implement that into their life and work.

Visit for more info!

He’s also on Facebook…

The pictures I took are of when we were in LA at a business conference.



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San Diego Zoo Trip

Ryan and I were in San Diego for some business and a friend of ours got us tickets to the San Diego Zoo! It was so much fun! We looove animals!

We arrived when the zoo opened and we left when it closed–we spent about 9 hours exploring and saw pretty much all of the exhibits.

Hope you enjoy!

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My Beautiful Friend

These are some practice shots I took of my friend Didi at a location I spent a LOT of time trying to find…it’s called Bernal Historic Ranch Park.

I was so excited to finally find it! I was doing a senior photo-shoot here and Didi helped me prep. She is such an amazing friend, and an gorgeous model. Thanks Didi!

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Sarah’s Senior Photo-shoot

This is a little collage I made from a senior shoot I had with my friend’s daughter, Sarah. I really like making these–I create them in Photoshop. I have been learning more and more how to make collages and storyboards, so you’ll be seeing more things like this as I continue learning.

It was requested of me to only put up a few photos, so here’s a few favorites of mine from her shoot.

Sarah wanted a country-style shoot and I was able to find a great spot in the San Jose foothills. Among the awesome things about this location is a huge white barn and some old farm equipment.

It felt like we were on a farm in the country, but we were actually in the middle of a neighborhood. I searched high and low for it and was so excited to finally find it (this location has definitely been added to my list of great spots for photo-shoots) and we had a great time!


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