A Mini Photo-shoot With The Hubby

Posted by on February 6, 2012 in Photo-shoots | 0 comments

I wanted to get a little practice in, and my husband wanted some more business-like photos for his new business, so we went and had some fun.

It was really close to sun-set when we decided to go out to take some photos, so we drove down past the library close to our house and stopped by a small soccer field where we spotted some nice scenery.

I really enjoyed the lighting…I prefer natural light over using a flash.  It just looks so good.

Some of the best times for getting soft, natural light is about 1-2 hours after sunrise and 1-2 hours before sunset. I like to shoot during those times if I can, but I know that’s not always possible…gotta work with what ya got!

So, here some photos of my sweetie–enjoy!



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