Sarah’s Senior Photo-shoot

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This is a little collage I made from a senior shoot I had with my friend’s daughter, Sarah. I really like making these–I create them in Photoshop. I have been learning more and more how to make collages and storyboards, so you’ll be seeing more things like this as I continue learning.

It was requested of me to only put up a few photos, so here’s a few favorites of mine from her shoot.

Sarah wanted a country-style shoot and I was able to find a great spot in the San Jose foothills. Among the awesome things about this location is a huge white barn and some old farm equipment.

It felt like we were on a farm in the country, but we were actually in the middle of a neighborhood. I searched high and low for it and was so excited to finally find it (this location has definitely been added to my list of great spots for photo-shoots) and we had a great time!


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